MyRight collaborations

Together for a sustainable and better world

Over a billion persons live with disabilities. Together with companies, we can strengthen human rights for persons with disabilities. Collaborate with us in the way that suits your conditions, driving forces and goals.

MyRight's goal is always to work with effective and long-term efforts. We use your money where the needs are greatest - and where our experts judge that they do the most good.

We do not earmark gifts for specific purposes, as it is important that we always have a buffer of money that we can use immediately.

En flicka går med vit käpp

Ge en företagsgåva

MyRight is grateful for gifts, big and small. Maybe you want to give your employees a gift for Christmas?

As a thank you for your gift, you will receive a digital diploma that you can share with your customers and employees.

It is also possible to give a gift to our Plusgiro account: 90 01 10-8


Become a Friend Company

When your company supports MyRight with at least SEK 10,000, you become our Friend Company for one year.

As a thank you, you will receive a communication package:

  • Diploma
  • Banners
  • News letters
  • The company logo is displayed on our website

Become a business partner

If your company wants to start a long-term tailor-made collaboration with MyRight and thereby become our Company Partner, you support our business with at least SEK 50,000.

You will be an important part of our work and we can come to your company and tell you about our business. Contact us for more information.


Feel free to contact us for questions or information about collaborations:
Madeleine Jangard, Fundraising Manager
Telephone: +46 (0) 885 15 62