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Three women in colorful clothes smiling at the camera. Two of them are in wheelchairs.

MyRight was founded in 1981 in Sweden during the UN's International Year of Persons with Disabilities and has since worked on the basis of partnerships and exchange of experience between Swedish persons with disabilities and their counterparts in MyRight's partner countries as a key method for development. The goal is for the support to give the partner organizations increased legitimacy, mandate and capacity to bring their members' actions.

Partner organisations and member organisations

All MyRight projects are owned by one or more partner organisations in the partner countries and a member organisation in Sweden. The partner organisations and the member organisations are all disability organisations. MyRight's member organisations have direct contact with their respective partner organisations and participate in the planning and follow-up of the projects.

Head office and country office

The day-to-day operations are run from the office in Liljeholmen outside Stockholm and are led by Secretary General Jesper Hansén. In addition to the projects, MyRight's office and offices also administer larger programs that affect entire countries or regions.

In addition to the head office, MyRight has seven country offices in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

MyRight's member organisations

MyRight has 19 member organisations whose common membership base amounts to 220,000 members. The projects are run either by the national organisations or by the organisations' local associations. When it is local associations that run projects, the national organisations must also be behind the projects.


Nationwide disability organisations that conduct business and have local associations in several places in Sweden can apply for membership or support membership in MyRight.

All organisations applying for project grants at MyRight must be members. All members must stand behind MyRight's goals and run a business that is consistent with MyRight's vision, business concept and values.

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