We break isolation, change attitudes and reduce poverty

We break isolation, change attitudes and reduce poverty

MyRight is the Swedish disability movement's organisation for international cooperation

All over the world, persons with disabilities are among those most at risk of becoming poor. And everywhere in the world, poor people run the greatest risk of having disabilities. MyRight helps people break poverty and take full advantage of their lives. With strong organisations we can make our voices heard.

MyRight supports 41 partner organisations that are part of projects and programs in ten countries on four continents.


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MyRights nyhetsbrev utkommer kvartalsvis. Du kan läsa om utvecklingssamarbetsprojekt och externa evenemang.

Stories from the field

In Sri Lanka, the general view is that persons who have disabilities are unable to help at home or to work. For a person living with disabilities, the right support can mean the difference between sitting at home and watching TV all day or, like Anusha, having a rich leisure time and actively participating in the family's daily life.